Astounding Temple Destinations in Tamil Nadu

Brihadeeswara Temple

Also known as Peruvudaiyar Kovil and RajaRajeswaram, this 11th-century temple was built by the Chola emperor Raja Raja Chola I. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Brihadeeswara temple is the largest temple in India, situated at Thanjavur city of Tamil Nadu.

Ramanathaswamy (Rameshwaram) Temple

Rameshwaram or Rameswaram is a small island town in Tamil Nadu and is one of the four holiest pilgrimage places (Char Dhams) of the Hindus. The reason for it being so sacred is the belief that Lord Rama along with his wife Sita first landed on its shore after defeating the demon Ravana (who was also a Brahmin). To seek atonement for killing a Brahmin, Rama wanted to pray to Shiva. Hanuman was sent off to Kailash to bring an idol of God. In the meantime, Sita made a small lingam. The one made by Sita is called Ramalingam and one brought by Hanuman is called Vishwalingam.

Tours to Magnificent Temples in Gujarat

Somnath Temple

This is one of the oldest pilgrimage centres in India. It is mentioned in ancient books, like Shivpuran, Skandpuran, and Shreemad Bhagvat. Som refers to the ‘Moon God’, thus Somnath means ‘Protector of the Moon God’. According to a legend, Som got the temple built in the honor of Lord Shiva.

Dwarkadhish Temple

The holy abode of Lord Krishna, Dwarkadhish temple is situated in the Dwarka city (Gujarat). Also known as Jagat Mandir, the temple has two doors - for entry and exit. The entry door is called Swarg Dwar (doorway to heaven) and the exit door is called Moksha Dwar (the doorway to liberation). A part of the Char Dham sanctuary, the 5-story structure of the temple is supported by the 72 pillars. Placed on the banks of River Gomti the temple reaches the height of 51.8 meters.

India Culture Tips

Your English is fine

It is quite easy to get around, knowing no other language but English. This is because India is multilingual. Every state has a unique language, which the neighboring state is not aware of. English is the axis of this diversity. Your accent and style of speaking would not sound funny to anyone.


Do you know that Indian cuisine has more than 140 types of desserts? Every state has its cuisine. In some cases, each region of the state has its style of menu.

Cricket is a Religion

Of all the sports in the world, cricket is the main attraction in India. There are numerous stadiums around the country. Do you know that the world’s highest cricket ground is in India? At the height of 2444 m, Chail Cricket Ground is the highest ground built in the 19th century in Himachal Pradesh.

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